Best of Igbo Old School Highlife Songs Mp3 DJ Mix Mixtape

BEST OF IGBO OLD SCHOOL HIGHLIFE MIX 2022 BY DJ S SHINE BEST || Igbo Old School Highlife Songs DJ Mix Mixtape

The video is a 1 hour and 39 minute mix of Igbo old school highlife songs by DJ S Shine Best, featuring songs by some of the greatest Igbo highlife musicians of all time, including Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, Oliver De Coque, Prince Morocco Maduka, and Sir Warrior. Some of the songs in the mix include “Chukuma”, “Onuigbo”, “Ome Ife Jide Ofo Anya Ukwu Dinjo”, “Money Palaver”, “Ama Onye Wu Onye”, “Ka Esi Le Onye Isi Oche”, and “Opi N’akpo Mmadu Ugbolo Abuaa”. The mix is a great way to listen to some of the best Igbo highlife music from the past. It is sure to get you dancing and singing along.

Igbo Old School Highlife Mp3 Songs & DJ Mix Mixtape

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Igbo Old School Highlife Songs Mp3
  • Chukwuma By Osita Osadebe
  • Onuigbo By Osita Osadebe
  • Ome Ife Jide Ofo By Osita Osadebe
  • Ama Onye Wu Onye By Sir Warrior
  • Money Palaver By Morocco Maduka
  • ka Esi Le Onye Isi Oche By Mike Ejeagha
  • Opi N’Akpo Mmadu By Sir Erico
  • Ije Enu By Morocco Maduka

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